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Door-To-Door Cargo Delivery Service
05 May
May 5, 2020
Logistics Services

What is a door-to-door cargo delivery service?

The word ‘door-to-door’ simply refers to the physical movement of products from the point of pickup to the end-user or consumers. The kind of product is trivial and can be anything like electronic items, household items, medicines, vegetables, cuisines, etc.
Corporate Courier and cargo service KolkataWhen we order something online or just want to send or receive from friends or family, we are all being accustomed to coming straight to our door. The technological advancements these days have largely taken the matter seriously. Due to the fact that everything is handled online, including door-to-door product delivery, it is currently overcoming the lack of technology. Customers are now able to retain some of the most trusted carriers by advancing the most reliable online door delivery. Sometimes, parcels need to be shipped or received at different locations in our city, and it is very difficult to handle all such requirements. Door-to-door delivery services come as a savior for those who want to improve their relationships by sending gifts and other things to loved ones with the comfort of their home. The service spends a lot of time and avoids all the hassles you may face when picking things up on your own and delivers them to multiple locations in your city. In India, there aren’t too many courier companies that offer this type of service. Transport services can be a luxury but nowadays they are definitely a necessity.

It saves from trouble

Imagine a scenario where it suddenly started raining while giving a parcel. If it’s too hot to think about going out, you need to pick up a package from the delivery warehouse. Courier service companies work hard to pick and distribute packages despite the weather conditions.

Benefits of Door-to-Door Pickup and Distribution Services:

  • Packages are fully protected, secure and 100% assured
  • No need to worry about picking, distributing and parcels from your end
  • Fast delivery time with no delay!
  • There is no legwork and hassle for senders and recipients

It saves time

The time required to make the delivery before is nowadays reduced with door-to-door delivery. Whether you placed your order on Flipkart or Snapdeal or Amazon, or you are waiting for a package from your family, shipping companies provide you with their assistance. Companies are starting to use GPS fleet tracking as a better solution for customers.

Door-to-door delivery saves you money

The new door-to-door delivery service gives customers considerable flexibility as invoices will not be integrated to minimize cost for their imports. These delivery services cover all costs together.

Some door to door service provider companies that serve in India-

Indian Post is without a doubt the most trusted e-commerce delivery service ever. No service can defeat them for whatever reason they cover. They have the highest coverage and maximum reliability promised by their many years of service.
FedEx has a great distribution service and the services they provide have fairly competitive prices. FedEx is quite unbeatable when it comes to international services. The same account can also be used for international purposes.
DTDC has been providing its services for over 30 years. They currently have a network of over 10,000 pin codes across the country. DTDC originated from India and it has expanded to an international level, it currently offers its services in more than 240 countries.
DHL is one of the costliest courier service providers, but when it comes to international coverage, there aren’t many reliable candidates to choose from.
Blue Dart is the largest logistics service currently spread in India. Their prices may be slightly higher but they have a fantastic record in terms of service and customer satisfaction.


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