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Importance of Air Cargo Services in Logistics
03 Jul
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July 3, 2020
Logistics Services

What are Air Cargo Services?

Air Cargo services or air goods services can be termed as the transportation of goods over long distances through air. This type of cargo transportation involves the use of airplanes rather than surface transport

Importance of Air Cargo Services
Transportation of Cargo through air using airplanes can be beneficial to transport your goods through long distances at shorter times.

like trucks etc. Air Cargo Services is sometimes seen as one of the most costly ways of transporting your goods. However, during certain cases and conditions, air cargo services becomes the best option for you to transport your goods quickly and without any kind of hassles. Its high costs might make anyone hesitate to use it to transport goods, but its advantages at these conditions outweighs all of the price problems that you might have. One advantage of using the services provided from Pinex Cargo is that our air cargo services are much more affordable. Today, we’re going to see the Importance of Air Cargo Services and why you should use them.

Why Use Air Cargo Services?

Importance of Air Cargo Services
There are several reasons for which Air Cargo Transport is the best route in certain circumstances.

Transporting your cargo through air with the help of airplanes is by-far the fastest way of cargo transport. Therefore, it is sometimes beneficial to use air cargo services rather than land transport or sea transport. Air transport is sometimes the most beneficial route when it comes to cargo transportation. Moreover, there are several reasons for which using Pinex Cargo for your Air Cargo Services is the best route as we provide you these services at a very affordable price. The following points will list some of the reasons of why Air Cargo Services are beneficial to you. Get an even more detailed information about Air Cargo Services here.

Reasons for which Air Cargo Services/Transportation in Logistics is Important

Main Reasons regarding the Importance of Air Cargo Services in Logistics

  • It Helps to Cut Down Transportation Times when Transporting goods via long distances. This is a point which might sound trivial or irrelevant in the first glance. But its importance is often neglected when it comes to logistics. It is very important to cut down transportation times as not only does it increases your productivity as a business but it also makes sure that your workflow becomes faster as well. The pace of transportation of goods should always be fluid, fast and smooth in order to ensure that your productivity is at par with other businesses.
  • Air Transportation is the only route when it comes to transporting goods in areas of rough Terrain. In areas of rough terrain, the only option that you can get at that time is air transport. Surface transportation techniques won’t help you to transport goods in areas where the terrain is unfriendly or rough. In case of mountainous regions, air transport can be a life saver in transporting goods there. The same point can even be extended to passenger transport as well. Is it possible to transport passengers in such areas without airplanes.

Other Reasons regarding the Importance of Air Cargo Services in Logistics

  • Transport a very large amount of goods over long distances. When it comes to transporting a large amount of goods over long distances. There can be no denying that Air transportation is the most reliable and safe way to do it. It is far easier to track goods that are being shipped through air rather than sea or surface transport and as it is mentioned in the first point, it is fast as well. Although there is one drawback to this, air transport is not generally used in transporting cargo with high volumes. Instead it is used for the transportation of high-value goods. Although, Pinex Cargo makes it far easier to track your goods. For more information, visit Track your Shipment.
  • Less Packaging and less costs for Warehousing. If we look at water transport or land transport, we see that the goods to be transported requires enormous amounts of packaging. However, since air transport is so fast, packaging becomes trivial in this case. This also means that the warehousing costs decrease as well.

Why Choose Pinex Cargo for your Air Cargo Services?

Pinex Cargo is the best choice when it comes to air cargo services. We are one of the leading companies providing logistics services in Kolkata. Pinex Cargo provides you several benefits when it comes to Air Cargo Services. Our services are much more cheaper and affordable than other companies. Get an even deeper look at Pinex Cargo here.

A Look into other Logistics Services provided by Pinex Cargo

Surface and Air Cargo Services

Every Logistics service provider needs to at least provide Surface and Air Cargo Services. Therefore, Pinex Cargo also provides it too and that too, with the help of professionals. In a nutshell, surface cargo means handling or transportation of cargo via roadways. That is, the handling of cargo through surface transport or other equipment. Visit Surface and Air Cargo Services to get a detailed look into it.

Door to Door Cargo Delivery Service

Pinex Cargo provides Door-to-Door Cargo Delivery Service to its customers as well. The word ‘door-to-door’ simply refers to the physical movement of products from the point of pickup to the end-user or consumers. The kind of product is trivial and can be anything like electronic items, household items, medicines, vegetables, cuisines, etc. Get a detailed look about Door to Door Cargo Delivery Service here.

Courier Services

Just like Surface and Air Cargo Services, courier services is also an essential service provided by a logistics company. Pinex Cargo provides a multitude of courier services in Kolkata and that is why, Pinex Cargo is one of the most trusted brands in Kolkata for courier services. There are several reasons to Why choose Pinex Cargo for Courier Services, read them here. Take a complete look about Logistics Services provided by Pinex Cargo. Have any further questions, Contact Pinex Cargo now.


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