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Surface and Air Cargo Services in Kolkata
27 Jun
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June 27, 2020
Logistics Services

What are These Services?

Surface Cargo Services

In a nutshell, surface cargo means handling or transportation of cargo via roadways. That is, the handling of cargo through surface transport or other equipment. In this sector of service, you can move

Road Transport of Small Goods
Surface Transport is very useful for moving small goods of a large scale through long distances.

your cargo to any of your required destination through the use of surface transport. Like, trucks etc. In Surface Cargo services, usually goods and cargo of small value or volume are moved. Hence, surface cargo should be your choice when you want to move  small volume goods of a large scale. Moving goods through long distances is easier through other means of transport like air. But, using air transportation for small goods can lead to very costly expenditures. Moreover, when you think about cargo, the road freight services are the most common option that you might think of. Surface and Air Cargo Services in Kolkata will fulfill all your cargo requirements.

Air Cargo Services

Air Cargo Service
Air Cargo Services may be costly, but it is worth it when you want to make sure that your goods reach the required destination faster.

Do you run a large business regarding the handling and transportation of goods? Do you want to move your cargo through long distances in a short amount of time? Then Air Cargo Service is the best option for you. It helps you to make sure that your goods reach a far destination in a short time. The only downside of Air Cargo Service is the costly transportation. But, if you want to make sure that your goods arrive the destination on time, then Air Cargo Service is surely worth the expenditure. Air transport can even make sure that your goods can reach areas of rough terrain. It is highly recommended that you choose Surface Transport if you are not short of time.

Other Services from Pinex Cargo

Pinex Cargo is one of the leading cargo handling companies in Kolkata. Hence, we also provide many other services related to cargo handling and logistics. If you want a complete list of services that we provide to our customers then we suggest you to visit the Our Services page. We are the leading logistics service provider in Kolkata. So, our services range from Surface Transport to Rail Transport and more. If you want to get a detailed idea of Logistics, we suggest that you visit this page. We are one of the most trustworthy companies in Kolkata for cargo handling and other logistics services. Visit the About Us Page if you want to get a detailed info of our company, our profile and what makes us different from other Logistics Service Providers. Enjoy Trustworthy Logistics Services in Kolkata from Pinex Cargo.

Why Choose Pinex Cargo for your Surface and Air Cargo Services in Kolkata?

Surface and Air Cargo Services in Kolkata
Pinex Cargo is the best choice if you want anything related to Surface and Air Cargo Services in Kolkata. We even provide Door to Door Cargo Service. Try out our services today!

Pinex Cargo is one of the leading cargo handlers in Kolkata, which makes sure that our services always lead to the satisfaction of our customers. Our generous services helps to make the issue of cargo handling a minor worry. Our professional cargo handling skills make sure that your goods reach the required destination safely and you can continue to prioritize on other important activities, while we take care of your precious cargo. We have been providing such services for many years, and with our expertise, you can always trust on us to handle your cargo the best way possible. Hence, Pinex Cargo is your first choice when it comes to any kind of cargo handling or logistics services in Kolkata. Book a pickup today to test our services and enjoy hassle free cargo handling.

Our Support is with You

Surface and Air Cargo Services in Kolkata
All your queries will be solved when you work with Pinex Cargo. We deal with our customers in the best way possible.

There might be several questions in your head when the word logistics or cargo comes to your mind. You may have several queries about how is the cargo going to be transported, is it safe? What are the procedures of transportation and more. Most of the logistics company makes a futile attempt at solving such queries and providing proper support to its customers. However, Pinex Cargo makes sure that all of the queries, questions or issues of the customers are resolved as quickly as possible. Our support team is 24/7 available to guide you. Also, to make life easier, we also have a shipment tracker that you can use to track your shipment real time. With all this mention, now it is clear why Pinex Cargo is your destination for Logistics Services in Kolkata.

How to Ask Us to Solve Your Queries?

It is really a simple deal for you to solve all your issues or queries that you might have. Just visit our Contact Us page and from there, the deal is very straightforward.

A Brief Introduction to Door-to-Door Cargo Delivery Services from Pinex Cargo

Sometimes, Door-To-Door Cargo Delivery Services is your primary requirement. However, if you want to avail this service you need to make sure that the company you choose for this is trustworthy as well as professional in its work. Get to know about Door-To-Door Cargo Delivery Services here and know why Pinex Cargo is the most Trustworthy Logistics Service Provider in Kolkata.


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