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Trustworthy Logistics Services
03 May
May 3, 2020
Logistics Services

What are Logistics Services

Logistics Service is a business concerning the transport of goods from point A to point B. It deals with the services of shipping goods even if the product is sold online. It also includes the warehousing and the transportation of material. Since the job is of such a great value, it is important that you make sure that your company provides you trustworthy logistics services. So that you have no problems in conducting your business.

PinEX Cargo – The Most Trustworthy Logistics Services

PinEX Cargo’s initiative is to make sure that it’s customers always receive their shipped goods at the required time. It is a leading transport and logistics company capable of handling your goods in a safe and effective way. It makes sure that through it’s fluent services, your job becomes easier. All of our services are industry standard and are also available at an affordable price. We provide other cargo services as well. For a full list of the services that you can avail from PinEX Cargo, visit Our Services page.

Our Key Features

  • Surface Cargo Services: Surface express cargo is basically transferring goods from one place to another via roadways, through trucks. The road freight services are the most common option that one might think of. Express deliver your goods on time with PinEx surface cargo services.
  • Air Cargo Services: Air freight transportation is a fast and efficient shipping method that is particularly valuable to businesses needing to get products to international customers quickly or stay on track with a just-in-time manufacturing model. The primary downside of air shipping is that the cost can be significantly higher than ocean freight forwarding. Fortunately, Flight Express Courier can help lower this cost while also providing exceptional customer support.
  • Train Cargo Services: Train freight is the process of transferring your goods from one place to another via train as the mode of transportation. It is considered to be one of the most economical and efficient mode of transportation. Now, deliver your goods on time with PinEx train freight services.

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